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Shenzhen Airfact Network Environment Co.,Ltd

As one of the localized manufacturers in the data center market in China, AIRFACT is one of the earliest companies that can provide research, fabrication and services for modular data center. As the industry forerunner, AIRFACT is the first to study the magnetic levitation refrigeration technology in China and also the first to apply this technology to the data center field.

Nowadays, based on the cutting-edge platforms for technology research and manufacturing, AIRFACT forms 4 production lines: loading system and structural components, refrigeration, monitoring management and power distribution system. AIRFACT forms three solutions: integrated micro data center, intelligent micro data center and container-type data center, which are all widely used by the important customers in this filed like ZTE, FiberHome, SZZT Electronics, Pioneer Data, PowerLeader, China Resources, JD, SF Express, China Mobile, China Unicom, BGI and Ping’an Bank etc.
Focusing on the research and manufacturing of the infrastructure products and the whole solution and with advanced technology and leading product solution, Airfact committed himself to give best services to data center construction for global customers.

Based on the platforms for leading technology research and manufacturing, Airfact forms 4 mature production lines:
Loading System and Structural Components: Server Rack, Network Rack, Cold(Hot) Aisle Containment, Outdoor Cabinet, Customized Rack, etc.
Refrigeration Products: Precision AC, In-row AC, magnetic levitation refrigeration unit, container-type refrigeration station etc.
Monitoring Management: Micro modular operating monitoring system, micro modular energy conservation monitoring system, micro modular asset management system, etc.
Power Distribution System: power distribution cabinet, intelligent precision power distribution cabinet, intelligent PDU, etc.
Based on four production lines and integrated overwhelming resources, AIRFACT put forward three big whole solutions for data center field.
All-in-one micro data center solution: by integrating all the systems like IT equipment, refrigerator, power distribution and supply, monitoring into one sealed rack, it can be used in the small distributed circumstances to meet the fast and standard construction in the simple filed.
Intelligent micro modular data center solution: By using modular design, all the functional units like rack, power distribution unit, refrigerator and monitoring system, etc can be pre-installed in factory, demounted flexibility and fast assembled. By rapid deployment and plug-and-play style, it can release high quality and standardized delivery in a short time, which can help to reduce the construction costs significantly.
Container-type data center solution: Use High-duty container body as one unit and highly-integrate all the basic infrasturctures, like power supply, refrigerator, IT rack, cabling, fire protection, anti-thunder, monitoring etc and can accommodate 675 sets of 1U servers.

Production Facility

CNC turret punch

Bending robot

CNC bender

Automated coating line

Automated feeding line

Air conditioner online monitoring room

Full automatic cold media filling machine

Soldering robot

Inspection Equipment

National Grade B lab

Wind hole lab

Salt-mist test room

Enthalpy difference test room

RoHS tester

Coordinate measuring machine

Helium leak detector

Multi-function electrical tester

Constant temperature and humidity tester

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