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Intelligent micro modular data center solution

Product Features

◆ 5 modules pre-built in factory, and one-stop-shop services; ◆ Lower construction and operation costs; ◆ Higher data center availability; ◆ Better meet the needs for IT data center services. ◆ High density, low power consumption, next-generation low-carbon data center ◆ Emergent operation in case of controller breakdown
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1. Why to develop micro-module data center?                                                                                         
Today, Internet, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are developing rapidly, so are the needs for them. IDC serves as the foundation of information industry, with demands surpassing supplies. At the meantime, our government requires higher for companies reducing carbon emission and conserving energy. Traditional data centers have shortages such as high energy consumption and operating costs, and long construction cycle, unable to meet today’s needs for data services. Next-generation low-carbon data centers that boast high density and low power consumption are prevailing worldwide.                                                                                    
Characteristics of modular data centers: flexible and fast deployment, standardized development, low energy consumption, expandability, and low costs.
2. What is micro-module?                                                                                           

Micro-module: The devices are arranged in 2 arrays, between which is an enclosed aisle containing pre-built cabinets, power distribution, cooling, monitoring and other function units. The micro-module is assembled right in the field into an independent, small-size data center that allows fast deployment and use.
1) Micro-module refers to several combined racks that integrate cooling and power supply & distribution module, high voltage DC power, networking, cabling, monitoring and fire suppression into an independent operation unit. All components of the module can be pre-built in factory, flexible to remove and fast to assemble;
2) The capacity of a typical micro-module is 80-120Kw, with 12 server cabinets in 600W*1200D*42U. Providing up to 20Kw/rack, the overall size of a micro-module varies with the configuration;                                                                                           

3) The overall weight of a micro-module varies with the configuration, typically in increment of 12,000kg;                                                               

4) The power supply port of micro-module: Coming with input power distribution cabinet, and supporting UPS or HVDC power supply, with N or 2N redundancy;

5) The cooling port of micro-module: Coming with water or refrigerant distribution unit, and allowing for 5-20℃ chilled water; Pipe diameter of DN60-80, flange or screw thread connection. 

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