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Container-type data center solution

Product Features

◆ Perfect combination of in-row air conditioning and 19-inch server racks; per-unit cooling capacity 11.9~43.9kW; ◆ Danfoss variable frequency volute compressor that adjusts cooling output more efficiently; ◆ Hot-pluggable EC variable speed fans in N+1 redundancy; ◆ Highly reliable, all-year-round all-weather cooling: T1(warm zone): Rated 35 ℃ /Max.43℃ T2(low temperature): Rated 27 ℃ /Max.35℃ T3(high temperature): Rated 46 ℃ /Max.52℃
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As IT industry is growing rapidly, data processing capability becomes indispensable to companies. However, data processing requirements generated by business, operation and networking are challenging massive storage, computing and processing in enterprise data centers. Airfact’s next-generation ACDA container data center improves computing capabilities with high density. Enclosed model reduces energy utilization. Distributed cores and management integrate power supply & distribution, cooling, IT cabinets, cabling, fire suppression, lightning protection, monitoring and other infrastructure. The product endures -40℃~60℃ ambient temperatures, and over Grade 7 earthquake. It provides unlimited possibilities for users to create a data centers fast, reliably, safely, and flexibly.
Functions: (For more information, read Product Manual)                                                     

ACDA container data center allows high-density deployment of IT equipment. Each container data center contains 675 1U servers, equivalent to 90 traditional data room cabinets (1.5KVA/rack), and is compatible with any server less than 800mm deep. It features UPS container single-way N+1 power supply, and battery backup time of 10 minutes. Some models with free cooling deliver a PUE as low as 1.15.            
Product components: (For more information, read Product Manual)                                                  
For different cooling methods and IT equipment arrangements, Airfact provides ACDC-10-160, ACDC-13-160, and ACDC-14-160 container data centers.         
1.For example, ACDC-13-160 model:                                                    
■The data center looks like a container that integrates racks, UPS, storage battery, fire suppression, security, monitoring, and air-cooling precise air conditioning. The container is a complete data center that can operate independently upon connecting to commercial electricity and network. It allows simple and fast installation, and out-of-box usage.                                                   
■Inside the container, there are 8 45U server racks, 1 power distribution cabinet, 1network cabling cabinet, 4 interline air conditioners, 1 battery rack, 1 UPS rack, and 1 air-cooling condenser. All racks are installed centrally, and interline air conditioners are arranged between server racks to cool all of them. The front of the racks is a cooled zone, and rear an enclosed heat aisle area. Per-server-rack power density is up to 15kw, and container installed power is up to 160kw with PUE<1.5.                                                    

2. Cooling system:                                                        
■Danfoss variable frequency volute compressor adjusts cooling output more efficiently.         
■ In-row air conditioning and 19-inch server racks are combined perfectly to deliver a per-unit cooling capacity of 11.9~43.9kW;
■Automatic shift to non-control emergent operating mode to ensure continuous cooling in case of controller breakdown
■ LIFA air’s patented 3G Filter technology ensures that free cooling uses all-fresh-air model, tremendously reducing PUE;                                                

3. Power supply and distribution system:                                                    
■ Line-head power distribution cabinet adopts modular design, inputs power through UPS + commercial electricity, and outputs to 2 PDUs on corresponding line rack in 2N redundancy.
■ Modular UPS provides 120KW+40KW output, and battery backup time of 15 minutes (full load). All of them adopt distributed parallel architecture (DPA).                                              
4. Fire suppression system:                                                 
■ Standard early fire detection system. Powered by light scattering technology, it detects micro-amount smoke, and sends alarms according to smoke concentration against preset environment parameters.                                                    
■ Standard fire suppression steel cylinder with gas fire-extinguishing. 
 5. iMaster, the monitoring system                                                      
■ Monitor such parameters as: temperature, humidity, leakage, etc.                         
■ Access security equipment, including fire suppression system                                            
■Optional energy efficiency detecting component, which monitors efficiency and power consumption of the whole system, such as PUE                                      
■Power distribution unit with energy consumption measuring and monitoring                             
■Continuously monitor and assess system operation status                                            
■Manage alarms           

6.Transporation and anti-vibration                                                       
■ High-strength base. The base mount is made of 2mm cold-rolled plate. The framework welding structure ensures a weight bearing no less than 2000kg. The base and container bottom are connected through welding. High strength screws are used to fix all equipment onto the base.     
■ The outer layer is the container steel plate, and the inside made of 5cm polyurethane insulation color steel plate. The color steel plate adopts low-carbon fluorine-free foaming environment-friendly techniques, and delivers heat conduction coefficient≤0.022W/(m.K), fire suppression grade of 2h, and compressive strength of 200kpa.    

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