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All-in-one micro data center solution

Product Features

◆ Installation simplified: 1 day ◆ Energy and cost efficiency: PUE<1.5 ◆ Highly integrated: cooling, monitoring, power supply, built-in security ◆ High reliability: redundant design, and optimized options ◆ Remote monitoring: allowing for management via networking ◆ Simple operation and maintenance: intelligent, idiot-proof operations, hot-pluggable for servicing.
  • Detailed
Airfact develops Multi-in-One system independently for micro node-network projects. The system integrates IT, cooling, UPS, power supply & distribution, and monitoring modules into an enclosed cabinet, which can be installed in a variety of field conditions. It allows fast and standardized deployment, and helps improve system reliability and manageability. Multi-in-One provides node-networks (such as banks, securities, express delivery and other companies) with reliable information infrastructure, in order to safeguard efficient, stable and reliable operations of electronic equipment.
Depending on the amount of IT equipment contained, it falls into single-cabinet and multi-cabinet system.                                                                                         

■ Single-cabinet system                                                                                          
Single-cabinet system integrates all IT, cooling, UPS, power supply & distribution, and monitoring modules into an enclosed cabinet that operates independently. The system is suitable for cabinet environment where IT equipment power density<5kw.
System configuration:                                                                                       
● Cabinet: 600mmx1500mmx2000mm                                                                                           
● Available IT space: 16U (680mm deep)                                                                                        
● IT power density: 4kw                                                                                           
● Monitoring: Zmm Monitoring module with support for networking                                              
● PDM: 4-way output, Grade C lightening protection, optional monitoring                                                                                  
●UPS: 6KVA,                                                                                              
● Battery: 12V/25AH                                                                                       
● Cooling module: A-Mini-04, cooling capacity of 4kw                                                                 
● Weight: 240kg                                                                                      
● Weight bearing per rack: >1000kg      

■ Multi-cabinet system                                            
In a multi-cabinet system, UPS, battery, power supply & distribution devices are configured and installed on demand into a cabinet, and IT equipment (storage, computing, and communications) in another one or several cabinets, for joint operation. Airfact’s Multi-One multi-cabinet system provides 2 power densities to meet requirement of 8KW and 12KW IT equipment. It uses A-Mini-08 or A-Mini-12 interline air conditioner to cool IT equipment. The front and rear of the cabinet shape cold and hot aisles. Air enters from the rear of air conditioner, and is cooled and supplied to the front and sides horizontally, to maximize cooling efficiency (PUE<1.5).      
System configuration:                                         
●Cabinet: 600mmx1500mmx2000mm(≥2 cabinets)                                       
●Available IT space: 42xN U (680mm deep)                                      
●IT power density: 8kw/12kw                                            
●Monitoring: Zmm Monitoring module with support for networking                                       
●PDM: 8- way output, Grade C lightening protection, optional monitoring                               
●UPS: 6KVA/10KVA/16KVA                                        
●Battery: 12V/25AH~~12V/100AH                                             
●Cooling module: A-Mini-08/ A-Mini-12                                             
● Per-rack weight bearing: >1000kg                                         
●Color: black (RAL9004)            
Other optional accessories:                                       
■ Cabinet-level fire suppression system with fire trace tube                                          
Automated fire extinguisher is triggered by fire trace tube instead of electronics. It doesn’t need power source, dedicated smoke/temperature detector, or complex equipment and plumbing. It uses its own accumulator, a pressurized fire trace tube and a fire trace cylinder group to detect and extinguish fire source fast, accurately and effectively. It integrates alarm with fire extinguisher to suppress fire as early as possible.                 
■ Electrode type humidifier                                      
■ Intelligent PDU                                      
■ Condensation water pump                                           
■ Access control
■ video surveillance     
■smoke detector        
■acousto-optic alarm  
■temperature and humidity sensor 

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