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Customize HPC solution

Product Features

◆ Improve IT equipment deployment density and power density ◆ Reduce data center power consumption ◆ Manage air flow in cold and hot aisles ◆ In-row cooling ◆ Free-cooling ◆ Cooling at a high sensible heat ratio
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AIRFACT’S most product series are based on modular technology, not only flexibly suitable for most data centers, but also meeting the requirements for customized data room. AIRFACT customized services offer customers a more effective method to assess reliability requirements and detect various threats. So that the customers can leverage the latest technology anytime to upgrade their systems.        
1.AIRFACT is committed to improving data center cooling efficiency, and providing standard modular infrastructure for high-density, expandable data centers. Its products include rack, cooling, power source, environment monitoring and other systems. They provide chilled water type, direct evaporation, dual models of free-cooling/direct evaporation, phase change evaporation in-row air conditioning in various models, in order to deliver high density cooling to data centers of any size and with any environment conditions.                                                                                         

2.Installed seamlessly with the server racks, AIRFACT’s customized in-row air-conditioner fully utilizes the space above the floor and creates the shortest distance for the air to flow to each server rack. This innovative approach eliminates the unbalanced air temperature caused by the traditional way when the air is provided from the floor and flow vertically, and thus avoids partial hot spot by maintaining the same air inflow temperature in each array. In addition, the pressure and power required for the fan is significantly decreased by this installation method and thus reduces the cooling operating cost. Meanwhile, it greatly reduces the floor height requirement as well as the construction fee.
3. Combine compressor cooling and indirect free-cooling modules:                                      
- In summer operation model, compressor cooling module provides 100% cooling capacity                 

- In transition season operation model, free-cooling and compressor cooling modules are combined to provide 100% cooling capacity 
4. Other optional features:                                                                                       
■i-MASTER remote monitoring system                                                                                           
i-MASTER control system provides customers with remote monitoring of unit operation through powerful communications functions.                                                                               
■ Heat exchanger to recover heat                                                                                         
APCH allows to install heat-recovering heat exchanger, which provides cooling while acquiring 35-45℃ hot water for heating or hygiene purposes.                                                                             
■ Waterpower module                                                                                            
Independent waterpower module includes water pump, enclosed expansion tank, and water pump controller etc.                                                                                            
■ Glycol chilled water system, and stainless or copper plumbing accessories                                                                                     
If direct free-cooling model is selected in a low temperature area, you should use glycol solution as chilled water. Units with over 20% glycol cycling concentration and plumbing fittings (such as pipes or valves) contacting with chilled water, should be made of 304 stainless steel or copper to resist glycol erosion.
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